Lamar Lending began servicing the mortgage industry way back in 2005. We pride ourselves on providing amazing service, insight, and education to all of our customers. Our passion for the mortgage industry is rooted in helping people.  Home buying and refinancing are some of the biggest decisions people make, and we want to be on that journey with our customers.


Brandon Lamar

President & Founder
NMLS #1547998

As the founder of Lamar Lending, Brandon is one of the industry’s most trusted and accomplished leaders. Brandon is known for his professionalism, expertise, and leadership.


In his 15 plus years in the mortgage industry, Brandon has work tirelessly to create a company through his team that exemplifies a high level of service to its clientele even through various market shifts and industry changes.


Brandon graduated from UCLA with a degree in paramedicine as well as attending and completing the fire academy at LSU – Fire & emergency Training Institute, notable accomplishments include the Dean’s List at UCLA. One of his favorite mottos, from UCLA, is “Matching energy with energy” meaning if you work hard and deliver, he will work just as hard delivering his personal best.


He has always served through some capacity be it in the mortgage industry or his multiple years in the fire department. He has a big heart for first responders, veterans, nurses and teachers.


He spends much of his spare time with his family. Surfing with his sons or helping find ways to get involved with his community or working with local charities. He is a champion for Testicular Cancer Society, the Lupus Research Foundation and most notably, in support of his sons’ journey, the National Scoliosis Foundation.

Blaire Keeton

Processing & Intake

Blaire Keeton, Processor, handles your loan by gathering your information and submitting the appropriate documents needed to close your loan and get the final approval, mortgage requires a lot of paperwork and it’s the processor’s job to double check your personal information and financial documents.


Blaire has been with Lamar Lending since December 2020, prior to that, she was a college student and graduated from University of Houston with a degree in Communications.


In her spare time, Blaire enjoys spending time with her family and her puppy, and long walks down the wine aisle. One of her favorite inspirational quotes is “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to who you want to be tomorrow.”


Blaire gets excited processing loans because she feels like it’s one big puzzle piece coming together, and getting people closed as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Canon Doyle

Loan Originator
NMLS #1947673

Canon Doyle is an active Mortgage Loan Originator with Lamar Lending.


Canon has been working in real estate since 2015. Canon began his career working as a commercial real estate agent, representing both tenants and landlords in negotiating contracts between one another. Canon worked on many different types of properties such as office/warehouse, restaurants, retail centers, school, and churches. Canon began working with Lamar Lending in 2019 as an assistant to Brandon Lamar.


Canon went to Champions School of Real Estate™ in 2018 while working as a Healthcare Service Provider for local teens with Autism. After joining the Lamar Lending team, Canon studied with Mortgage Educators™ to better service the clients he works with. Canon is a member of Seabrook Rotaract club, a group of young professionals who work on community projects in the area.


Canon spends his free time with his family, taking care of his dog, Crash Anthony, and exercising. Canon enjoys collecting trinkets, meeting new people, and basking in the sunlight.


“We are not judged by the number of times we fail; we are judged by the number of times we succeed. And the number of times we succeed is in direct proportion to the amount of times we fail, and can keep on trying.” – Tom Hopkins


Canon thrives on providing solutions for different challenges. Canon prides himself on working diligently for each person he works with and going the extra mile to provide the best service heh can. His goal is to make the home buying process as streamlined, simple and stress free as possible while still providing the great rates that Lamar Lending offers. Canon works when the work needs to be done, commonly using his favorite phrase “Phone is always open”.

Jessica Davila

Loan Officer Assistant

Jessica Davila, Loan Officer Assistant (LOA) I assist the LO by doing Intake, gathering all information needed for the process of the loan, follow up calls and make sure we get all needed information on the front end. Her job is to make sure the application is completed and ready for Pre-qual.


Jessica has been in Banking for the past 15 years and has been doing commercial lending for the past 2 years, prior to joining Lamar Lending. Jessica went to San Jacinto Community College, where she studied Business Administration and the beginning of her Banking career started when there was a workshop/ recruiting event at the college.


Her passion for helping people and finding the right products for her clients opened many doors in the banking industry where she has built many relationships and many other passions that have led her to do mortgage now.


In her spare time, Jessica likes to play the piano & sing. She also enjoys flipping furniture, by taking an old piece of furniture and making them into a modern piece that can be sold online! She also enjoys reading and spending time with her family by going to church on Sunday’s. She enjoys Saturday brunches with her besties and her mom.


Jessica has Three quotes that she lives by: 1st “If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does.” Second:  “Take risks, if you win, you will be happy, If you lose, you will be wise.”  Third: “If you look at the people in your circle and don’t get inspired, they you don’t have a circle. You have a cage.” Jessica is motivated to help people period!


Her passion is to make a difference in people’s lives and be a part of their success stories by knowing that she was of help in some way. Putting families into their new homes by guiding them on what the mortgage process is and helping them move forward with the application to the biggest investment of their lives is exciting for Jessica. Bringing them to closing is more than an accomplishment for her, it brings happiness for her and her team at Lamar Lending.


Jessica Davila es Asistente de oficial de préstamos, se asegura de obtener la aplicación y todos los documentos requeridos para el préstamo. Ella se encarga de asegurarse que todo esté en orden para que el prestamista haga su trabajo sin complicaciones y que las aplicaciones están listas para el proceso de la pre-calificación.  Jessica tiene 15 años de experiencia en financiamiento bancario, y 2 anos en préstamos comerciales, antes de ser parte del equipo de Lamar Lending. Jessica asistió al colegio de San Jacinto donde estudió Administración de empresas y fue donde descubrió su carrera como banquera en un evento que asistió en el colegio. Su pasión por ayudar a sus clientes con los productos correctos   para sus necesidades, le abrieron las puertas en la industria bancaria donde construyó una plataforma de clientes y relaciones que la trajeron a la industria de Mortgage. En su tiempo de calidad, a Jessica le gusta tocar el piano y cantar. Ella goza de remodelar muebles viejos y convertirlos en muebles más modernos con estilo y con la posibilidad de venderlos en línea. También le gusta leer y estar con su famila e ir a la iglesia los Domingos, le gusta salir a  desayunar con sus amigas y su mamá los Sábados. Jessica seguía y vive por tres citas, la primera “si no tomas los riesgos. siempre trabajaras por alguien que si los toma” la segunda “Arriésgate! si ganas, serás feliz, si pierdes, serás más sabio” la tercera ” Si observas a las personas en tu círculo y no te inspiras, entonces no tienes un círculo, sino una jaula” La motivación de Jessica es ayudar a la gente y punto! Su pasión es hacer una diferencia en la vida de las personas y ser parte de sus éxitos. Para ella, el poder poner a familias en un hogar y ser parte de la inversión más grande de sus vidas, como comprar su primera casa, es el motor de sus motivos, el llegar a cierre y lograr la compra es más que un logro, es la felicidad de ella y de su equipo en Lamar Lending. 

Julie Shaw

Loan Originator
NMLS #1857281

Julie Shaw, loan originator, works with clients to provide customized, personalized service that delivers her borrowers with the exceptional mortgage experience they deserve.


Julie has been working with Lamar Lending since March of 2019.  She started in the mortgage industry as a loan officer assistant, worked her way up to loan processor and then to loan originator.  Because of her processing experience she excels at expediting the loan process and closes most of her loans in less than 30 days.


Julie graduated from Indiana University where she studied business and computer information systems.  She has had a long career in the IT industry for over 20 years, but mortgages are her passion. Julie is a single mother to 1 daughter.


She enjoys gardening, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix true crime documentaries. Julie believes that most people can get a mortgage loan and is passionate about helping low income/low credit score clients buy their first home.


She works with clients to improve their credit and provides plans to her clients which guides them on how to move towards qualifying for a mortgage loan. Julie absolutely loves getting people into their first home and making her clients dreams come true.


She finds great joy and fulfillment when she can help her clients purchase a house – especially when they’ve been told by other lenders or friends and family that they won’t be able to purchase a home.  She’s also motivated to ensure that the client pays the least amount of costs during the loan process, including down payment and closing costs.

Kaitie Thompson

Loan Originator
NMLS #1968933

Kaitie Thompson – Loan Officer extraordinaire – carefully evaluates customers’ credit applications with the aspiration to have them qualified for a refinance on their current home, or primed to purchase a new home.

Since March of 2020, Kaitie has been performing beyond expectations in her position at Lamar Lending. Prior to working for Lamar Lending, Kaitie was a diligent worker in the service industry while obtaining her degree. In December of 2019, Kaitie graduated from the University of Houston – Clear Lake with her BS in Finance.

Since she was a young girl playing bank teller in her mom’s office, numbers have always enticed Kaitie. Throughout her life, Kaitie has taken a special interest in personal finances and made it her career goal to assist homeowners/buyers so they could thrive and succeed in their new or current home.

When Kaitie is not engaged in her work for Lamar Lending, she is hanging out with her family or cuddling her pup Priss. Kaitie’s favorite activities include anything water! Whether it’s relaxing on a beach, swimming in the pool, or floating down the Guadalupe in a hot rubber tube –  Kaitie is there and ready for some tranquil water therapy.

“It isn’t that they cannot find the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.”
– Anonymous

It is Kaitie’s belief that there is always a solution to any and every problem. She is dedicated to finding those solutions in any given situation, including for her borrowers. Even when the odds seem to be out of their favor, Kaitie takes pride in doing the inevitable for her customers: settling them into their new dream home. She finds joy and love in the ability to serve her community by providing a helping hand with the biggest financial transaction of her customer’s lives.

Neil Oyler


Neil Oyler provides beneficial home loans for borrowers purchasing or refinancing.


Neil has been with Lamar Lending since April of 2021 and has been in mortgage finance for over 20 years.  Most of his career has been spent in Orange County, CA.  Neil’s experience in lending spans across a multitude of areas including the wholesale and retail channels.  In his early career he was awarded Loan Officer of the Year before he took the reins as Director of Sales at Ameripath Mortgage where he worked for over a decade.


When Neil’s not working hard at Lamar Lending, he enjoys spending all his spare time with his two kids.  You can find him coaching one of their many sports activities, giving a quick guitar lesson or simply enjoying an impromptu beach trip.


Forever the “glass half full optimist”, one of Neil’s favorite quotes comes from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – – you’re right”.


Neil’s motivation or his “why” centers around his family and he strives to make sure you feel like family too.  He is dedicated to providing the most beneficial loan possible while providing impeccable customer service and believes that one should not be sacrificed for the other.

Michael Rusnak

Loan Originator
NMLS #1956072

Mike Rusnak, loan officer, works directly with customers and agents looking for the best loan option for his customers.


Mike was born in Florida and attended Florida Southern College and then completed his degree at the University of Houston Clear Lake. Go Hawks!


He also, has served over 14 years as a Captain with the Fire Department and a long family history of veterans in the military. “I’m happy to serve all veterans, first responders, and medical personnel as they are near and dear to my heart! My goal is to make sure that they get the attention they deserve every single time.”


As former Chairman of the Firefighters Pension Board, he is always watching the market to find the best time to lock your interest rate at the lowest price. Whether you are buying your first home, investment property, or refinancing your house at a lower rate, he’ll be here to help you through the loan process.

Summer Taufer

Marketing Director

Summer Taufer, marketing director, handles all marketing objectives from the idea stage to inception and execution. Keeping up with market trends while adding company events, working with local charities she is always looking for fun new marketing ideas and events for Lamar.


Summer has been in marketing with Lamar Lending since November of 2020. Prior to that, she spent most of her career in the music industry in promotions and marketing at several Houston-area radio stations including 104.1 KRBE and Air1 103.7.


Summer went to University of Houston and studied Criminal Justice and Psychology. Her heart is supporting and working with local charities and nonprofit organizations through her work at Lamar Lending. She is most proud of her commendation from the city of Houston for her work on an event after September 11th, Rally for America and bringing awareness to the homeless community in her creation of the Coats on Poles initiative, clothing our homeless during the colder months.


In her spare time, Summer enjoys hanging out with her family, including 6 kids and 1 grandson. She loves riding her motorcycle and collecting tattoos. She claims to know a little about a lot of things.


Summer believes that for every problem there is a solution. Nothing is so impossible that it cannot be solved. Sometimes it takes extra thought and a lot of help to figure it out. Summer is obsessed with delivering quality content while maintaining and protecting the Lamar Lending brand. Her goal is to create and implement a product that is streamlined, completely accessible and ease of use for the consumer and our staff.